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Kyle Kirkpatrick

Hello! I am the former owner & operator of the Tomb Raider Fan-Site & Blog Kyle's Tomb Raider, and I also ran an unofficial YouTube series of the same name. I am the Developer of the TRLE level Home Sweet Home 2 and I have also written some Fan-Fiction in my free-time.Most of my Social Media is linked below! I do occasionally still upload on YouTube, and I'm active most on Twitter!

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I have been on the Tomb Raider scene since 2013, although haven't been too involved/active in recent years due to changing events in my life. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed the journey and have met many wonderful people within the Tomb Raider community over the years, and I'm happy to be a part of this community! Below are some of my more well-known projects within the Tomb Raider Community.

Kyle's Tomb Raider

Kyle's Tomb Raider was a short-lived Tomb Raider YouTube series I ran from May 2014 - May 2015. The series mainly focused around Lara, Winston, & Kyle living through their daily lives. I also ran a Tomb Raider fan-website from December 2013 - December 2016 (although it remained active until August 2017) of the same name which showcased my love for the Tomb Raider franchise.

Tomb Raider Multiplayer Mod (TRMP)

The Tomb Raider Multiplayer Mod (commonly just referred to as TRMP for short) is a mod for TR: The Last Revelation, TR: Chronicles, TR: The Times Exclusive Level, and some Tomb Raider Level Editor (TRLE) levels/games that enables Online Multiplayer functionality, allowing multiple people to play through them together! While I did not create this mod, I was at one point in time a well-known server host and uploaded several videos of these matches on YouTube, most of which have several thousand views!

Other YouTube Work

Besides Kyle's Tomb Raider and my TRMP Videos, I also continued to upload new content to YouTube up until 2018. These would consist of new story-based videos, as well as two new series' that I had big plans for, The Everyday Life of Lara Croft and Winston's Revenge, but plans did fall through so only one episode was created for each series. I hope to eventually someday continue creating more Tomb Raider content as I really did enjoy it!

Home Sweet Home 2 (TRLE)

My one and only published Tomb Raider Level Editor level, follows Lara as she defends her home from the Fiamma Nera cult as they have come back to get their revenge and reclaim their beloved dagger. This was intended to be a spiritual successor to the Home Sweet Home level featured in Tomb Raider II. It was released August 2015 and currently holds a 3.5/10 on TRLE.NET (although damn some of those reviewers can be rough!) I built it over the course of around 3 months and really enjoyed it. I have had several other TRLE levels in the works but all of them ended up being canceled. I have hopes I'll one day complete another from start to finish and upload it online!

Short Stories


This page is currently under construction! Updates regarding the completion of this section will be posted on the What's New section of the Welcome! page. Thanks for your patience!!

This page is currently under construction! Updates regarding the completion of this section will be posted on the What's New section of the Welcome! page. Thanks for your patience!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Recent Questions

Are you still planning on uploading that "older never before seen" content you mentioned in the Update Video?Yes, definitely! Once I get my PC setup I will start going through and sorting my older content. I'm hoping to start posting content again soon!!
Is your mental health doing any better?Yeah, slowly but surely... Seeing a therapist regularly, starting antidepressants, and ending my current relationship have all helped. I have some other personal stuff going on but I'm hoping those will all be resolved by the end of the year, at least as long as everything goes according to plan. I am taking my life back, slowly but surely!!

Project Questions

Are you ever going to build and publish another TRLE Level/game?Yes, I would like to someday. I've had several projects in the works over the years (around 6 or 7 actually made it out of the planning phase and have playable level files, albeit most in very early stages. I have planning files for probably at least 15, maybe up to 20 potential projects...,) however unfortunately as I've gotten older and became busier it was harder to focus on a project and I would end up abandoning it during development (this probably also has part to do with my ADHD.) It has gotten even harder now that I'm into adulthood and work a 9-5 job 40 Hours a week. Plus I do have plans to go back to college soon, which again, is going to mean I'm going to have even less time to focus on a project... Believe me, I do want to build and publish another TRLE game, and I think once I'm financially stable and have settled down I will be able to, but unfortunately, that could be several years...
Are you still writing Fan-Fiction?Yes, somewhat. I have dozens of short-stories in various stages of completion saved on my PC from over the years. However unfortunately as I've gotten older and became busier it was harder to focus on a story and I would end up abandoning it during development (this probably also has part to do with my ADHD.) It has gotten even harder now that I'm into adulthood and work a 9.5 job 40 Hours a week. Plus I do have plans to go back to college soon, which again, is going to mean I'm going to have even less time to focus on writing a new short story... I would like to get back into writing and do it more regularly, and hopefully, once I'm financially stable and have settled down I will be able to...
Are you still planning on making a conclusion to Kyle's Tomb Raider?Yes, I do, and someday I will. Believe me on this! I hate the way I ended Kyle's Tomb Raider (and Winston's Revenge, which was originally supposed to be its conclusion) and do want to give it a proper finale. Someday, it will happen...
What happened with Winston's Revenge?This is a bit of a complex answer (and while I did partly answer this in my now unlisted January 2020 Update video, that was recorded at like 3am and was super tired so I don't think I got the point across very clearly as to what actually happened and left out a lot of major details.) It was a mix of three things - Shift in Creative Direction, Time Constraints (now where have we heard that before...), and my personal lack of understanding and planning of what Winston's Revenge was actually supposed to be. The Creative Direction part was mainly what I explained in that January 2020 update video (albeit a bit poorly) but there isn't much explaining. I really just didn't like the way the project was going and the direction it was being taken, although this does tie directly in with the third reason, so I'll go more in-depth about what I mean when I get to that point. Time Constraints were mainly due to the High School workload and my part-time job at Wendy's. I just didn't have a whole lot of time to commit to a new project, so I'm honestly not 100% sure why I invested myself into a new project like this knowing that... I guess I just wanted to do something and try and revitalize my YouTube channel and didn't think it fully through. The last bullet point is arguably the most important reason. I went into this project going "Hey, I wanna do a conclusion to Kyle's Tomb Raider. Let's call it Winston's Revenge, announce it now, and figure out the rest of the details later." I failed to do proper advanced planning for the project which resulted in the numerous delays throughout production as well as details getting messed/mixed up and ideas not being fully fleshed out and/or implemented properly. Winston's Revenge was a mashup of different ideas of how I wanted to do a conclusion to Kyle's Tomb Raider and none of them fully meshed together properly. If Winston's Revenge had gone on as intended, it would've been a very confusing and jumbled 10-episode series (that's assuming I could actually get 10 episodes out of it. Realistically 4-5 would probably be the max given the way things were going...) I didn't fully understand what I wanted Winston's Revenge to be. The pilot episode went through a few different script revisions and the final result kinda left things on neutral ground so I could implement last-minute ideas later on without it screwing up the storyline. The pilot episode was about half the length I was expecting it to be (I was planning it to be around 12-18 minutes. It was only 6 minutes.) Really, it's my fault Winston's Revenge failed. I needed to have a plan in place and have ideas all sorted and scripts ready BEFORE recording and editing instead of winging it and doing everything last minute. The pilot episode was hastily put together in the span of about 6 hours, 2 days after its promised arrival date, because I couldn't figure out what I wanted this project to be... The project was doomed from the start, and an early giveaway for myself should've been how many delays there were in even announcing the series. I guess for all the trouble one episode did come out of it, and it has a decent amount of views... it just sucks because, like my other two YouTube series', it was left on a cliffhanger, which isn't fair to my viewers... I should've communicated better with my fans and followers regarding this and the cancellation instead of going quiet, and for this I do apologize. That wasn't fair on you guys that DID support me throughout the process. At least I can say one positive DID come out of this whole ordeal, and is I learned to make sure to have things planned in advance so you know what you're doing and what you need to get it accomplished in the time you have allotted for yourself. Hopefully, this lesson will carry over when I eventually do the conclusion to Kyle's Tomb Raider, and any other future potential YouTube series' I may create...
What happened with The Everyday Life of Lara Croft?This one was canceled mainly because of technical issues. I had the script for Episode 2 already written and knew what I wanted to do with it. It was partly going to take place in the TR2 TRLE Level Cape Fear by The Vagrant, however I was having issues getting it to play on my, at the time, new Gaming Laptop. It kept crashing and nothing I did would stop it from not crashing. I even asked on Tomb Raider Forums and oddly nobody had ever encountered that issue before and nobody was able to help (at least as I remember, although it could've been possible nobody actually responded to the thread, I just know the issue was never resolved...) Since I couldn't figure out why the level wasn't working and I didn't want to re-write the script, the episode, and then series, was quietly canceled and slowly went into obscurity. Unlike Kyle's Tomb Raider, I don't think I ever fully announced this series' cancellation. Guess my heart wasn't as much into it as I originally thought... Looking back though, I'm not really sure how well I would've been able to maintain it given the High School workload, and the fact I would be starting a part-time job only a couple of months after the first episode aired, but I guess it doesn't hurt to wonder what could've been...
Why was Kyle's Tomb Raider originally canceled?Mostly due to time constraints. I started Kyle's Tomb Raider when I was on Summer Break from school, so I practically had as much time as I wanted to be able to work on episodes. Season 1 ended shortly after Summer Break ended and I returned to school. I took 2 months off and began work again in November, with hopes to do weekly or biweekly releases, like I had been doing with Season 1. While I was able to keep up with that at first, because the first episodes of Season 2 were produced around my Thanksgiving and Christmas Breaks, future episode releases were much more sporadic. I decided at the end of that school year that being able to maintain a series would not be possible, seeing as how busy I was getting with school-work, and during that particular summer break I did not have as much time to work on episodes as I became preoccupied with other stuff. This is why I decided to cancel the series.

Personal Questions

Can I send you a friend request on Steam?Absolutely! Although do keep in mind that I'm not gaming as much as I used to due to work and other commitments which take up the majority of my free-time. But yes, feel free to send me a Friends Request!! I always enjoy meeting new people and potential friends to play online games with!!
Can I send you a friend/follow request on your personal Social Media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)No. I only accept friend/follow requests on my personal Social Media from those I actually know. All of my public Social Media is linked on the homepage of this Carrd.
What are your political views?I'm honestly not really sure at the moment... No political party seems to fully align with my views and values, but I would say I'm more likely to vote Democrat or Libertarian than Republican at this point in time. I always vote based on the person, not the party. I'm fairly Liberal on Social Issues but fairly Conservative on Economic Issues, although it does vary based on the issue. It's not just black and white with me. I did vote split-ticket in 2020. But my views do change fairly regularly as my understanding and viewpoint of the world changes. I am still fairly young, after all...
What are your religious views?I currently do not follow any organized religion. Although, I do believe in an after-life. I do not believe that this is "it" and there is nothing afterwards. I say this from personal experiences I have had and experiences that my friends/family have had, and I feel like there are also too many supernatural phenomenons that can be proven have happened to just completely discredit the thought of there being absolutely "nothing" after we die. But... that is just my opinion, and you are entitled to your own.
What is your sexuality?I consider myself Homoflexible/Homoromantic. I generally tell people outside of the LGBTQ+ community that I'm bisexual as it just makes it easier. Basically it means I prefer being in a relationship/intimate with someone of the same-sex over the opposite-sex. However that doesn't mean I would never become intimate with someone of the opposite-sex...
Are you in a relationship?No, not anymore. I am currently Single.
Are you a furry?Yep! I've considered myself one since early 2021 (after being curious about the fandom for a few years prior.) And no, I will not share what my Fursona name is or anything about that aspect of my life on this Carrd. I would like to keep the furry-aspect of my life separate from the gaming-aspect of my life. Thank you for understanding!!
What is your age? Where do you live? What's your mother's maiden name? What's your...I have limits to the personal information I will share about myself online. There are a lot of shady and dangerous people on the Internet and I'm not looking to be the next case ID wants to cover... I'm cautious about some of the things I share for a reason, especially when I started my YouTube and Social Media considering I was a minor then. I have gotten a little more laxed since I turned 18, but I'm still cautious because of things like my sexuality and other political and personal beliefs which could attract extremist groups who do not tolerate those who have a different "view" on things. And when you consider some of my "beliefs" I held when I was a stupid teen, and some of the "questionable" stuff I said to some people, it's something I do need to be careful about since people DO hold grudges... violent grudges... and some won't let me forget it. Even if it was a stupid teen who didn't know what they were talking about, has apologized for it multiple times, and their views have changed since then... This is part of the reason why I do keep my gaming-side separate from my furry-life and professional-life. I do not want those same toxic people intruding on those aspects of my life as well, and I would like some separation between each community. Pretty much everything personal about me I'm willing to share publicly is on this Carrd, on the Minitubia page about me, and on Twitter.
Why did you leave the Libertarian Party?I used to have a long elaborate answer to this question, but honestly the main reason boils down to just two things. The main one being as I've gotten older and have started seeing the world differently, my views have changed. The views of the Libertarian Party also have changed as well. In 2022 the party platform was massively reformed, and is more akin to that of a moderate-Republican party than a truly Liberation Party (basically they've turned more right-wing and authoritarian.) The party has been infiltrated by more right-wing figures as of recent years who feel disenfranchised by the GOP but aren't "fully" Libertarian either. So, the party essentially sold out to them. It's a shame, but it is what it is...
Why did you leave the Republican Party?This question is easier asked than answered, and there is no simple answer to it... The simplest way I would be able to put it is - I matured (remember I was in Middle School when I started my YouTube & Social Media, and was heavily influenced by the Conservative household I grew up in), I actually started doing research and learned more about the world, how our government functions, and our history, and (even though I'm not a fan of this term) I guess you could say I finally "woke up" and realized just how horrible and delusional the GOP was acting and, in turn, how I MYSELF was acting... The Full answer to this would take paragraphs to write, but to add a bit to that, like I mentioned I grew up in a Conservative household and was heavily influenced by that. I started getting more interested in politics when I was in Middle School, and started "doing my bidding" so-to-speak, for the Republican Party (not really knowing jack sh!t what I was actually talking about.) This continued throughout the years (as I'm sure many long-time followers remember) from about 2015-2018. In 2018, I think is when I slowly started "waking up." It was a slow process indeed, but a spark had been ignited. I left the GOP and joined the Log Cabin Republican Party (If you're unaware what that is, think of the Republican Party that supports LGBTQ+ Rights. That's the Log Cabin GOP for you... literally that is the only change.) Obviously I had known well before that point that I was bisexual (which is what I was referring myself as at the time) so some of the anti-LGBT content the GOP was sharing really did get to me... On top of that I was also starting to question my religion and faith (for similar reasons.) I would say I "did my bidding" for the Log Cabin GOP from 2018-2020, until something happened on May 25th, 2020, that changed my perspective on many things and I think is what fully "woke me up." On that day, George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin. The reaction by many right-wingers of this (which, if you kept up with the news during this time, don't think I need to reiterate my point there) is what sparked that "awakening" and that's when that spark finally started the fire, if you get what I mean... It was not an immediate transition, as when you've in-debted the past 5 years of your life solely into politics and heavily supporting one side of a political aisle and one side only even when it doesn't 100% makes sense, it's hard to break that. It's almost like trying to break an addiction, in a way, as it just made up so much of my life and it just felt "weird" without it (which was something I later realized how horrible that really was... My life WAS politics, I practically had nothing else until I started becoming more uninvolved and neutral with it...) Leaving the GOP was a long time coming, it just took some major incident, like George Floyd's murder, for me to realize the hell I had involved myself in and who and what I was actually "doing my bidding" for. It's been a slow transition, but I do think finally after 2 years of tweeting "I have left the Republican Party," I can safely say I have fully broken away from the GOP's grasp and am completely my own independent thinker now. Not letting what Fox News or some Conservative juggernaut tell me what I should think and then replicating it. My views are solely of my own and everything that I have an opinion on now, I can logically (and calmly) debate it with those who wish to challenge my views, which is something I am much more open to now. I know I'm young and still have much to experience from the world so I am open to other viewpoints, as long as the other person is going to debate calmly and not start shouting insults, which has become very common nowadays. Part of the reason why I'm also not as political as I once was, which is honestly probably for the better. My life has gotten significantly better since I left the GOP and became less involved with politics, from both a mental and social perspective. So yeah... that's my story!

This is the end of the FAQs.